18x9.50 TSW Holeshot Matte Gunmetal 5x120mm Wheel/Rim

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Holeshot refers to the maneuver used by racers to gain a competitive advantage from a standing start. You�ll definitely be lapping the field when you fit your vehicle with the new Holeshot aftermarket wheels from TSW Alloy Wheels. Holeshot wheels are literally shot full of holes circling the deep-set hub, a compelling design detail. The 16-spoke structure gives these custom wheels a classic, confident sophistication. Holeshot rims don�t rely on looks alone. They are manufactured using a most advanced production technology, rotary forging. Rotary forging fundamentally alters the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy, simultaneously reducing weight and optimizing strength. Reduced weight, of course, translates directly into performance improvement.

Manufacturer/Model: TSW
Finish: Matte Gunmetal
Size: 18x9.5
Bolt Pattern: 5X120
Offset /

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