21x9.00 Victor Equipment Endurance Silver w/Mirror Cut Face & Milled Spokes 5x130mm Wheel/Rim

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The Victor Equipment Porsche Rims were engineered to show off those colossal Porsche brake caliper and rotors. That�s what also guided the clean, open, see-through design of Endurance Porsche wheels, with their narrow-gauge paired spokes. To achieve such an airy design, Victor Equipment employed their most innovative manufacturing process, rotary forging. Rotary forging requires shaping the wheel as it is spun at high speed under extraordinary pressure. The physical forces in play alter the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy resulting in a wheel that is dramatically stronger and lighter than a conventionally cast wheel.

Manufacturer/Model: Victor Equipment
Finish: Silver w/Mirror Cut Face & Milled Spokes
Size: 21x9
Bolt Pattern: 5X130
Offset /

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