18x9.50 Enkei Tenjin Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip 5x100mm Wheel/Rim

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The Enkei Tenjin is the latest addition to the Enkei lightweight tuning line. In keeping with Enkei's design philosophy, the Tenjin exhibits 9 spokes carefully designed to achieve ultra high rigidity while maintaining low weight, all the while remaining stylish. The Tenjin's spokes go on to link an aggressive center area with a polished lip. The Tenjin's design cues allow it to be at home on street just as much as on the race track thanks to its MAT technology, allowing for a much lighter and stronger wheel than one cast by traditional methods.

Manufacturer/Model: Enkei
Finish: Gunmetal w/ Machined Lip
Size: 18x9.5
Bolt Pattern: 5x100
Offset /

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